You Are God’s Masterpiece!

What is your cause?  What do you live for?  Deep inside every man, woman, boy and girl, God placed a destiny, a purpose for being on this earth.  You are here because of God’s divine plan.  The fact that you are breathing today is because God put life in you!


I want to encourage you today in your gifting, in your calling.  What are your passions, your dreams, your desires?  What are your talents?  God made all of us unique.

Do you know all your days were written in His book before you were even born?  God formed and fashioned you perfectly.  You have been made in such beautiful detail.  No one is exactly like you.

You are like a piece of hand painted artwork… God sent you to this earth with a specific mission and assignment to fulfill.

In the last year especially, there has been a lot of movement in my life.  I have given God 100% of my life.  I am choosing daily to believe God and follow through on the impressions in my heart.  Sometimes it seems like baby steps of complete faith, and much trust is going on, but as I step out, God continues to be faithful to me.

Hebrews 10:23  Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for He is faithful that promised.


I encourage you today to maintain your hope.  Keep the faith.  Think about the promises God has given you.  He is faithful that promised it to you.

As God gives you impressions, be brave and follow through.  God see’s your acts of obedience for Him.  This is all for God and His kingdom.

One day we will all stand before God.  Only those things we have done for God will remain.  May we do our best to live a life pleasing to God.  At the end of our days, ultimately He is the one we will answer to.

God saw all the years I ministered to my family and cared for my girls.  I remember days I would wash those dishes… fold the laundry….. as unto the Lord.  Blessing my children, speaking life into them.  Praying they would fulfill their assignment on this earth.  I folded those clothes with all the love I had.

I believe that we should do everything as unto the Lord.  He see’s all we do, and he see’s our heart and motives.

Colossians 3:23 KJV  And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

There was a season I worked as a waitress.  At the end of the night it was our responsibility to fold the napkins and silverware and to make sure our tables were well stocked and our section clean.  Some shifts ended late at night.


One night, I was preparing my section for the next day… filling my sugar containers, wiping my tables, sweeping the floor etc. and a waitress asked me why I was being so picky… being it was so late at night… they just wanted to get done and go home.

I told her I wasn’t cleaning those tables just for a job or for the business that hired me, I was doing it as unto the Lord.  I believe God keeps record of all we do.

My greatest desire is when I stand before God, He will say “well done, daughter”.

So I encourage you with the small and the big things in life.  Imagine for the rest of your days, you are doing everything as unto the Lord.  He see’s all your acts kindness and labor of love.

As I am finishing this blog today, I want to remind you, how much God loves you!  What a beautiful reminder today as we took communion at church.  The price was paid when Jesus shed His blood on the cross and He conquered the grave.


Such amazing grace has been extended to us!  It is our choice to receive His love and forgiveness, to receive the free gift of salvation and our choice to move forward with His plan and purpose for our lives.

Ephesians 2:10 NLT  For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

The first step to living a purpose filled life is receiving Jesus into your heart.

To make a fresh start today, repeat this simple prayer.  “Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins, come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Savior.” 

With Jesus in our life, we see things with God’s eyes and perspective.  There is a cause.  There is a divine purpose for you!   Your path is growing brighter and brighter!  Continue to follow God’s leading in your heart.   Today is a new day for you!  You have a beautiful and colorful journey.

Has this article encouraged your heart?   Are you living your life as unto the Lord?

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2 thoughts on “You Are God’s Masterpiece!

  1. Thank you Loretta.This article is inspiring and encouragement to me very much.I thought praying for family for people that work for God is a good thing that we do for the Lord.But I did not know when we work for the family ,we are doing samething for the Lord.I feel encoureged to do it with passion ,I am living my life as unto the Lord.We are God’s masterpiece.Thank you Father.