We Will Stand! The Video Touching This Nation!

After many months of planning and work… we are happy to announce…  The “We Will Stand” video is on YouTube!  Will you help me share?  How many people can we reach in this critical hour?  Yes, America, we will stand for righteousness, holiness and purity!

we will stand church

The church is arising speaking truth, standing on the Word of God and healing is coming to our land.  Change is at hand!   Thank you to everyone that invested in this project.  Thank you to every volunteer.  I am so thankful for all of you.   May it touch this earth, in Jesus Name.

My heart is to get the video out to believers and Church leaders all across the United States.  The Lord has led me to accomplish this through Facebook ads and other social media outlets.  In order to accomplish this I need your help.  Will you stand with me?

If you would like to help sponsor the video, you can click HERE or click the Donate button that’s on the right hand-hand side of the website.  If you’re reading this on a cell phone, the Donate button will be listed below.  

A donation of any amount will help!

  • $10 donated will reach up to 3,200 people
  • $25 donated will reach up to 4,300 people
  • $50 donated will reach up to 11,000 people
  • $200 donated will reach up to 24,000 people


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2 thoughts on “We Will Stand! The Video Touching This Nation!

  1. What a beautiful, hopeful song and very timely to a nation in peril. Thank you for sharing your music. I agree we will stand IN HIM! Let God arise & our enemies be scattered. Bless you.