Word in my heart for someone today:

I hear the word transitions. Transitions are happening everywhere. We are ready and prepared when the time comes. We have a heart of thankfulness for every season, but I see God about to move some of you to a new season. New environment. It is a season of change for you. It is not a time to relive the past, but to step forth into your destiny knowing that God is sending you. He has equipped you for this time.

I see the call in your heart stronger than what people may be saying around you. They are called to walk their walk… and you are called to walk yours. I praise God for your boldness and your character. I see some of you that have walked through storms. But you have withstood, you have been strong and I see God blessing your life in a new way friends.

Your trust is developing in a new degree for the new about to come in your life. Have your expectations high and continue to live in a realm of faith knowing that what God has promised you, He will fulfill.
God bless you all,

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