It’s Time To Step In

2.2.17  My word for you today is to be strong and courageous!  I see some of you stepping into things for the first time.   Some of you are on the tip of stepping into things…. put your foot through the doorway and walk with God.  I sense someone needs the extra confirmation today.


Trust God’s leading.  Some have had things in their heart for years but it is coming to the surface.   Get into the faith car and get moving.  God who is the GPS will guide you.

I was talking to a precious lady yesterday who said that her father had passed about 10 years ago.  She explained to me that her mom hasn’t been able to move forward and hardly leaves her house.  The little bit she said to me touched me deeply because I myself lived like that, where grief and depression tried to stop my destiny for years.

But I have come to encourage someone, it is a new day!!  I pray that something shifts or switches in your mind today.  May you truly see how valuable you are.  There is still breath in your body and God has a divine purpose for your life!

I have written in a journal for years.  But this one day I came to the realization, it was time to put steps to what God was showing me in that journal.  I remember surrendering to God 100%, holding nothing back.  Asking him to lead my life and I would do my best to obey the promptings within.

Let me tell you, if you pray a prayer like that and sincerely mean it with all your heart, God will remind you of your YES.  Many things I have never done before I felt to step into, sometimes nervous at first because it was new territory.

I remember the first day I went into the recording studio recording my album “We Will Stand”.  I felt like a fish out of water, but the studio embraced me and helped me.  Today we have full album with 12 songs, and a single being released this year about my life “Love Is Pouring Down”.   We also just completed a healing album that will be released this year.

What I am trying to say is… I had never done this before but God was asking me to step out in faith and basically get my feelings out of the way and let him truly lead my life.

I am talking to you from my heart today.   Stepping into that studio in June 2015 has giving me courage to do so much more than I ever thought possible.  Speaking on stages, traveling, interviews on TV, writing a book, and now filming videos sharing my journey.

Something happens when you fully surrender.  I often refer to it as a continual surrender.  A surrender that believes God and moves forward with His plan.  Life is such an adventure.  I truly feel like the teenage girl finding what she is called to do.  I can truly say I feel like I am FULLY living for the first time in my life!

We all quote this scripture by memory but let it become alive to you today!

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

Yes, you can!  You can do whatever God is asking you do with His strength!  Take the limits off today. See yourself walking in those things God has shown you in your heart.  I am always encouraging people to surrender again to God 100%.   Go as far as He wants to take you!

Also, when you FULLY step into purpose, money is the not the deciding factor.  Do not allow money to hold you back.  God has given ideas to fund projects, he has even brought money to the door.  Sometimes shown me ways to make extra money to support HIS dream.  It has been a lot of elbow grease at times but no greater fulfillment than walking out God’s plan for your life.

FAITH walks WITH God.  When you give your heart to God, He lives in you and moves with you.  You function with him and He finds ways to make things happen.  He simply asking for your steps of obedience for it to come to pass.

Please hear my heart today.   No matter what you are called to do, let it be about HIS purpose being fulfilled in your life.   Its not about what people say around you, but what matters to God.  We will all stand before Him.  When it is our time to die, may it be said that we lived life to the fullest.

Would you pray this prayer with me today:

God, I give you 100% of my life.  I ask you to lead and guide my footsteps.  I accept those things that you have called me to do.   If you say I can, than I come into agreement with your word.   Thank you God for your impressions in my heart and I will do my very best to follow through on what you show me.  God, help me to stay in step with you so I may fulfill my purpose on this earth.  Thank you for your help and strength today.  Thank you God for this new day in my life, and thank you for continually reminding me of my YES.  In Jesus name,  Amen.

Pray this ministered to you.  Love you all,








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