It’s Time To Dig Up That Dream!

Do you have a dream?  Maybe difficulties in life had you bury your dream.  I came to tell you the dream is STILL ALIVE!  Today, God wants you to go dig that dream up…..


This is another post from my heart.  I am in awe of God.  I am an ordinary person.  A mom with two children, age 44.   I have been a helper and very content to be a behind the scenes person by nature.  I had huge setbacks in life.  Really by statistics I shouldn’t even be alive…

Maybe you can relate.  Maybe you are saying “my life is ordinary”…. or “I have had so many setbacks, how do I move forward?”

Today is a turning point for you!  I believe this post will encourage your heart today.

I had many challenges growing up.  I lost my mother in a murder-suicide.  As a 15 year old girl, I held my mom as she died.  I lived in a bed of depression for years, medicating with sleeping pills trying to take the memories and pain away.

As I surrendered my life to God and began to hear the Word of God, healing began to come into my life.  One day, in my heart I heard God say….. “Loretta, I want to help you, but you have to get out of the bed”

I chose to get out of bed that day and started on a road to recovery, replacing the pain with worship and walking… I replaced it with visiting friends and going to church.  I replaced it by dreaming again and writing in my journal.

One year ago was monumental…..

Please hear this… What I am about to tell you changed everything!

I prayed the most simple prayer in my kitchen, but it came from my heart.  I had missed so many opportunities in my life.  That day it played like a video in my mind of things I didn’t follow through on because of the hurt and pain in my life.

I prayed and asked God to bring opportunities back around for me.  It was as though my surrender went from 98% to 100%.  You see, I had held on to fear of what people thought of me.  I use to think I wasn’t good enough.  I use to compare myself to others and look for their approval.

But that day I committed myself 100% to God.  I told God if He would bring opportunities back around in my life, I would do my very best to follow through and obey Him.

Let me tell you… in two days… the ball started rolling and I have been on a ride ever since!  I sorta refer to it as a roller coaster ride.  As a teenager, I enjoyed roller coasters… the excitement at every turn.   Being young and free.

At age 44, I looked back and saw how much time seemed wasted because of heartache, loss and depression.  But my prayer that day literally changed my destiny and focus forever!

I realized that my focus had to be completely on God, not on what people thought of me.  My complete approval now comes from Him.  I chose to live this life completely as unto the Lord and to do everything with my whole heart…. One day to stand before the Lord and hear Him say “well done”.

we will stand church

The “We Will Stand” video has now been released to the nation.. and I realize I have many new people reading my blog.  So for your sake…. I am going to tell you what the last year of my life has been like when I surrendered everything….

Keep in mind, I have been mostly a stay at home mom….

In one year this is how my life has changed…. When I tell you this to God be all the glory.. He has opened doors as I have given Him a sincere, wholehearted YES!

Someone came to my front door and paid for me to record my first music CD in a studio.  The We Will Stand album, with 12 songs, is available digitally on all the major sites or can be purchased on my website.

box of cds

I shared my story and sang on 2 television programs and have booked several speaking engagements.

We recently produced the We Will Stand music video.  I am in awe of the people that donated their time to be in video or gave financially that this could be made.  God put it on my heart that this message is to go to the nation before elections.  Thank you for sharing it on social media and in your churches!

I was also in a commercial (I tell you this because I use to be so shy)

With the help of my husband, I started my own website and started blogging, to encourage others to step into their destiny!

I remodeled a studio room and am in the process of interviewing amazing people.   People that have overcome challenges and obstacles with God’s help.   Stay tuned….They will soon be featured on my website!  You can submit your story HERE.

Someone paid my my entire way to attend a broadcasting convention in Nashville.  You may find humor in this, I rode in my first taxi cab ….. seriously at 44… lol

I am in the process of writing my first book and my story is still being written!


I tell you all of this for a reason today.   My late pastor, Billy Joe Daugherty use to describe faith like getting in a moving car… Folks, I now understand what it is like to be in that moving car!  God will remind you of your YES!

I have learned, age is simply a number.  I encourage you to put your complete focus on God and take every step!  Even if it seems your dream has been buried for years…. It’s time to dig it up and take the steps of faith necessary to see it come to pass!

Some scriptures I declare over my life:

Joel 2:25 I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten

Psalms 103:5 He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!

If I can come out of such intense pain and trauma, you can accomplish your goals and dreams too!  May my life be an example.  WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

One day we will all die and stand before God… Please don’t be buried with your dreams.  God gave them to you to bless the world!

What are your dreams?  What has been stirred up in your life today?  It’s time to move forward!

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One thought on “It’s Time To Dig Up That Dream!

  1. I want to thank you I am 57 years old i have been wondering what my purpose in life was. When I was 16 I was raped. My first husband beat me i got out after 10 years. married my second husband and he was good to me but he got hooked on hard drugs so i left i was not going through what i went through with my first husband. And now I surrender it all to Jesus so what ever he wants me to do I will do. Love you In Christ. Today is the first time i have seen anything of yours so i do believe it was for a reason .