Homeless Woman’s Words Are Profound

Have you ever felt like you were entertaining angels unaware?   I had an evening like that recently.  One of God’s precious angels delivered me a word I will always cherish.  It was etched in my heart and I will take it throughout my life.


I remember the day so well.  We were having my daughters graduation party.  We had family in from out of state.  The morning and afternoon consisted of cooking and cutting up vegetables… all for the big event that night.

My daughter Courtney had her party at a local coffee shop on that Sunday evening.  Things were winding down, we had maybe an hour left….

As I was walking someone out to their car, there she was…..

Behind the building with her four grocery carts, stood Saundra.  A woman I will never forget.

When I went up to invite her in for a meal, she was so kind.  She explained that the local coffee shop was allowing her to park her grocery carts, containing all she owned, behind the building.   They said if she kept the carts orderly and looked after the property, picking up trash, she could stay until she figured things out.

Earlier in the evening, I found out several teens from the party had been praying for Ms. Saundra.

We invited her in as our special guest.  As she was enjoying her plate of food, I was cleaning up from the party.  Saundra said, “I have something to tell you”.  As I sat down to talk with her, I could see the gratefulness in this woman’s heart.  A constant smile and thankfulness for everything.  She told me stories how she donated her time to many great causes.  She has been in marathons for fighting cancer, and protecting animals rights.  She also talked about encouraging and praying for family members.

saundraSaundra, who I found out was 69 years old, told me a story I will never forget….

She explained that 2 years ago she was sleeping at the Salvation Army.

She was on her way to a gas station to purchase chips and a soda….

On the way, she walked past a fast food restaurant and someone yelled from a truck from the drive through… “Can I buy you a meal”….

She said “Loretta, I was headed to the gas station to get my snack and soda, I would have been fine”.  She said “I walked 3 steps, then heard God say in my heart… Saundra… let that man bless you…”  So she turned around….

What she said next was profound…

God spoke in her heart that even if she didn’t need the food, she could give it someone else in need.  More importantly than that,  God told her to receive the meal so this man could receive his blessing for obeying what God put in his heart to do.

Its a very simple message, and yet profound.  I was reminded of the scripture.

Luke 6:38  Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

After our conversation, we  were leaving the coffee shop… Saundra told us she was going to walk about a block to meet her daughter and son in law… but I said “Please, let us drive you”.  For she had 3 plates of food and gallon of tea to carry.  We pulled up to the curb of a church.  Saundra said the church gave her permission to sleep there and it was a safe place.  I remember walking her to the bench with tears in my eyes saying I will see you again Saundra….

She said “Yes… when we take flight…”  I agreed… when we reach our Heavenly destination, Saundra and I will connect again.

Have you ever had an encounter with someone that seemed like an angel?

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