Hold On To It!

1.25.17  The word I am hearing in my heart today is to hold fast to that which God has promised you! Have you ever had a dream from years ago, you know God gave you?  Maybe you have put it on a shelf and forgotten about it?  It may have been years since you have revisited it.  I have good news!


I want to encourage you today!  If God spoke it in your heart, hold on to it…Go get it off the shelf…. dust it off… Keep it in the forefront of your mind, in agreement with God.  Begin to see it taking shape and as God prompts your heart, step towards those dreams!

I love what the amplified Bible has to say about this!

Hebrews 10:23  Let us seize and hold tightly the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is reliable and trustworthy and faithful to His word.

To seize means to to take hold of suddenly!  This verse is saying take hold of it and don’t let go!  I think this is a powerful verse, I have seen it to be true in my own life.

My life has changed drastically in the last two years.   Standing in my kitchen, June 2015, I prayed a prayer that has changed my life.  I gave God 100% of me.  I have been saved since I was 11 years old, but when I surrendered everything, things went to an entirely different level.

I began to believe what God said was possible, and started taking steps toward my purpose.  Have I made some mistakes along the way?  Yes!  Have I learned at times?  Yes!  But God is so pleased with our efforts, he continually turns things for our good.  As we step out we are also learning and growing.

Romans 8:28  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I have had much pain to overcome in my life.  I faced the trauma of my mother being murdered when I was at such a tender age of 15, holding her in my arms as she died.  That one day put a impression in me that began to form my life into a cycle of insecurity, nightmares, suicidal thoughts and depression.

Being in a good church, learning the Word and connecting with people of faith began to fill the void in me.  It began to replace the negative.  I have chose to let God work in me even as I have been healing.   I encourage you to read my blogs on how I overcame the depression.

I am not proud of it, but I spent years taking sleeping pills to numb my pain.  The reason I am so open to talk about it now, is for the sake of helping others come into purpose.

Your life is VALUABLE!  Life may have thrown you pain, but I have witnessed surrendering to God fully, sometimes daily, has been healing me and helping me step into purpose.

Matthew 19:26 All things are possible with God.

In all honesty, I feel like I am truly living for the first time in my life.  Yes, at 45!

Many great things have happened so far in the last couple years.  I almost feel like a kid.  Literally learning what I enjoy, what I want to be when I grow up!

This year for the first time, I have a vision board up and and am working towards the goals for this year. I crossed off 2 already!

Its an amazing and exciting journey walking with God.  I tell my friends, there is never a dull moment.  I truly believe God is making some things up to me… restoring the years that were taken from me.  And He will do the same for you!

What has it been like for you to give God 100%?   Are there any experiences you can share with the readers?

Much love,




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