God Loves Your Childlike Faith!

Faith has corresponding action.  I have heard this message in church much of my life.  When you truly start stepping out, you begin to understand what this really means.


There is a difference in hearing a word and putting it on a shelf and hearing a word and stepping out.  God’s greatest desire is that His people begin to step out on the dreams and desires he has put in their hearts.

James 2:17 NIV  Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

God delights in us.  We have been handmade by God.  We are made very detailed and precise.   God knew we would all be fitly joined together and that people benefit from what we have.  It was all in His perfect plan!

I went through years of depression, but I can tell you when it lost its grip!!  When I began to understand God has a purpose for my life, the chains began to come off!   When you begin to step out on purpose, it makes life worth living.

I encourage you today to take the next step in your life.  God loves your childlike faith.  Simply step out on what He gives you, knowing He is with you every step.


Just like Peter in the Bible.  When his eyes were on Jesus, he was walking on water.  What looked impossible became possible when he did what Jesus said.

God always takes you in a direction where you ARE capable!

Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.  God says you CAN.

I am being very open in this blog.  I am still on quite a journey.  At times, doing things I use to shrink back and hide from.  The things I actually feared the most I am doing!   The things that tried to keep me bound I am overcoming.

It still amazes me at times, that sharing my journey and walk of faith right now is helping others to have the courage to arise.   God see’s the entire picture in our lives!

My latest adventure has been public speaking.  If any of you knew me in high school, I avoided speech like the plague.  That is not an exaggeration!  I always took composition class.  I always sat near the back whenever possible.  In choir I sang at a whisper.  I never wanted to be seen or heard!

But on this journey, I am learning every day to follow God’s promptings.  Faith overrides fear or uncertainty.  Faith believes what God has promised will come to pass.  Faith believes that God is with you wherever He takes you.

I believe that we will continue to take steps of faith until we go home to be with Jesus.  I believe, you are agreeing with God on another level today friend.  Small steps lead to bigger steps.  Believe like Peter that God is meeting you at your step of obedience.

Walking in step with God brings a greater satisfaction and joy than anything the world could ever offer.   Therefore, living in harmony with the creator of the universe also gives a level of peace that is beyond the world’s comprehension.

John 14:27  Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.

living-room-690174_1280If God touches your heart to turn off the negative and the noise and fill yourself with positive uplifting things, please know you are worth it!

I often have headphones in my ears through the day, filling myself with the Word of God, worship or good things.

I really encourage you along these lines if you have had any struggle in your thought life.  It is important to change your focus to the positive.

Follow His lead in all things.  God will even help you grocery shop and raise your children.  Make God apart of every aspect of your life.

It’s a wonderful thing to lay your head on your pillow at night knowing you have followed through on the impressions God has put in your heart and obeyed Him to the best of your ability.

How are you following through on God’s leading?  What is the next step in your life?

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