The Value of Remaining Steady

01.06.17   I have a word on my heart for someone today.  What is the value of remaining steady?  I am supposed to remind someone, that we go through different seasons of our lives.  Just like there are 4 seasons in nature, a tree doesn’t have fruit falling off the tree all year round.  A tree actually gains strength in its winter season, its roots are strengthening for the new season ahead.


God reminded me of this scripture:  Psalms 1:2-3 … whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.  That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season.

I have decided in my own life to be content in whatever season I find myself.  Preparation and strengthening time is never wasted time and it is very necessary for the sprints in our lives.

Even in the beauty of nature, which God created, trees have seasons where strength is happening underground where no one sees.  Flowers have seasons of blooms, and then the next flower blooms.

I also see in this example that there is room for all of Gods gifts and colors.  When you think about how many different kinds of flowers and trees there are… all with different climates and blooming times.   I believe so it is in our lives…. In the beautiful garden of Gods people, we all bloom in seasons and it makes for the most amazing flower beds.

May this be an encouragement for someone today.  If you are in the winter or fall season and things seem quiet, I want you to know there is huge value in remaining steady.  Please know that this time is actually preparing you for what is ahead.

God bless you in all parts of your journey.  God smiles when He thinks of you, His beautiful creation.

Much love,




Today Is The Day!

12.29.16  A word is coming in my heart for someone today.  I keep hearing “Today is the Day“.  I believe someone out there is pondering some things in your heart to do.  God has given you dreams and a destiny to fulfill.  This a timely word for you!


The other day I was seeing a picture of people who had God’s hand and blessing all over their lives. They had dreams within… But unfortunately, as I watched their lives, I saw as they kept pushing their dreams way out into the future.  I also saw people being buried with those very dreams.

But that is not YOU!!  The fact you would take the time to read this tells me, God has been stirring your heart.  Friend, you were strategically made by God for a purpose, you have literally been designed for it!

Every purpose is different.  Only you know the dreams that God has placed in your heart. God may be stirring you to write that book, record that song, begin to paint again, go back to school…. I hear the word for you “Today is the Day“.    I also hear “Fully embrace who you are, who God made you to be“.,  You have been set apart with a goal, a purpose and a dream and friend you can do anything.

Please know that age is only a number, and not to be used as an excuse.  God is using every age in this hour.  We are His representatives on this earth in every sphere.  We are God’s hands, His heart and his voice.

I also want to say to you that YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Begin to take time to cultivate those gifts in your life and begin to share them with the world.  Begin to carve out time and plan your days, because what you have matters… the world is waiting….2017 is your year of stepping out in a greater degree.

I also want to say that for some of you your season is changing, therefore your circle is changing. I pray for you now that you would be sensitive to God’s leading in this new season, even if it requires meeting new people.

God bless you all,


We Will Stand! The Video Touching This Nation!

After many months of planning and work… we are happy to announce…  The “We Will Stand” video is on YouTube!  Will you help me share?  How many people can we reach in this critical hour?  Yes, America, we will stand for righteousness, holiness and purity!

we will stand church


How God Restored William’s Marriage

This is a guest post by William Holloman. He is a husband, a father, and author from Atlanta. I met his wife Terry recently at a convention and she has become a very dear friend of mine.

On March 28, 1998 I married my best friend.  Two souls born miles apart were brought together by God.  Although we had different backgrounds logistically and financially we took on the world as one.  I was 25 and she was 23.

terry 1